"Courtney just picked up the chair.  don't know how I could have survived post retinal surgery without this chair!  Such a delightful person and wonderful service!  Call Courtney if you ever need anything like this!  She and her business rock!"  -Patient in photo

"The sales lady is very good and professional.  She was very pleasant and set everything up.  The chair was good, but I didn't like sleeping that way.  I've recommended Face Down Chairs to two of my friends that have macular holes.  You cannot survive without the chair."

"It is as comfortable as you could get in that situation.  I loved being able to watch t.v.  Excellent service!"

"I'm glad that I picked Face Down Chairs, because there is no way that I could have set that up myself."

"Trey and Courtney are superheros!"


Georgia Retina patient with representative, Courtney at Face Down Chairs.

"Courtney is the greatest!  This chair has become my best friend!  Very warm, compassionate and extremely helpful.  Felt like family caring for me.  Thanks to Georgia Retina -Cumming staff for putting me in touch with "just the right folks"...a great blessing and weight off my shoulders.  Professional, warm and very respectful service.  If I didn't say it enough before...THANKS LOADS!!!  You and this chair made a big difference.  Highly recommended!"  -Patient in photo

"I just want to thank Courtney for being such a help to me during my recovery for retinal eye surgery.  At first, I was against renting the equipment; however my Wife and Courtney were correct.  I definitely needed it to stay face down while sleeping.  Courtney was a pleasure dealing with and setting up the equipment.  You couldn't ask for a better person to show you how it works.  She came by the way to pick it up when we were finished.  Great person.  Highly recommended."

"Yes, I'm under stress and can't remember the young lady's name, but she is very bright, kind and very helpful.  She makes your company shine!"

"We appreciate Courtney.  The chair made Mom's recovery so much easier!  Courtney offered wonderful advice to help in Mom's recovery."

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"Representative Trey was super great and polite, professional and kind during a stressful and scary time.  He lifted my spirits.  Great guy!"

"Trey was punctual, very friendly and extremely helpful.  Great company representative!"

"Loved Trey's personality and he was very adept at showing us how everything worked!"