• Have someone available to help!  You will get a break, but make sandwiches or buy microwaveable food that can be eaten quickly.
  • Stretch on your break.
  • Use Bio Freeze or Icy Hot on the neck and shoulder region.
  • Practice prior to surgery.
  • Use books on tape or download your favorite shows.
  • Wear comfy, loose clothes.

Use a chair with the seat facing the bed, then add the appropriate number of  pillows to allow the arms to rest comfortably.

Use a table or bench to push against the bed to use an I-Pad or phone while lying face down.

Remove the head cushion from the chair or sleeper and place on the appropriate amount of pillows for comfort.  This is a great way to travel home from surgery!

This patient used a foot rest to hold the  computer monitor as a way to work from home, alternating with the keyboard.

This patient has used the foam given at the hospital in replace of the head cushion.